Display your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 flight on a publicly accessible moving map.

What is this?

FStrack is a tool for tracking your flights on a moving map. It provides a public URL so that anyone can track your flight live. It also tracks the full history of your flights.

FStrack consists of a windows binary and web based backend (this site).

Running the FStrack binary (see "download" below) will automatically upload your flight location to the web backend while you fly. There is no need to configure anything, just run the client and forget about it.



See my flight history (or current flight if I am in the air!) here.


You can download the client by clicking here.

It is a single, self-contained executable. No need to install, just double click to run it.


FStrack will create a new icon in your system tray. Before Flight Simulator is running, it will look like this:

After starting Flight Simulator, FStrack will automatically connect to it. The icon menu will now look like this:

Once you start flying, you can check that FStrack is able to update your location within the menu:

At this point you can choose the "Public Link" menu to open a web browser with the public link for your flight. You can send that link to anyone for them to follow along, live.

Please note that FStrack does not automatically restart on reboot - you'll need to run it each time you restart your computer.

You can check if it is running by looking for the icon in your system tray.


Probably many! Known bugs at the moment:


Feel free to drop me an email or msg me @tardisx@ppl.town if you have any questions or suggestions!

If you are having problems, check the debug log (available by clicking on the system tray icon).


"lian" for both the simconnect package for golang, and the included vfrmap application from which the FStrack moving map is heavily based.